Event: CSS 2016 Christmas Pub Quiz

What’s this? A CSS Pub Quiz? Christmas must have come early! (Aha, I slay myself! [Or should I say, I SLEIGH myself - Sorry, I’ll stop])

When the snow falls, the choir sings and the fireplace roars, who will be the ones to take home the gold?

We saw an impressive victory from 2015’s winners, Sack Overflow, but who will take home the £50 cash prize this year and be crowned the 2016 CSS Christmas Pub Quiz winners? (And, who will take home the £25 runners up prize?) Will it be you? Only one way to find out!

There shall, of course, also be a bottle of glorious wine for the team with the best name! (So, get those creative team name thinking caps on!)

Come battle out your wits, as you are quizzed on General Knowledge, Christmas, the beloved Family Feud and other mind-boggling rounds! (Banter also included, but not as a separate round)

And, how much is the extravagant event, you say? £1? £10? Like, a bajillion pounds? Nope! Entry is completely FREE! £0 per team! So, why not try your luck? (You can only gain, right?)

Come on down to the Brass Pig! Grab yourself a Team (Max. 5), a witty name and an inevitable victory!

The Brass Pig - 8th December - 7:30pm - Be there!

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