CSS Boeing Hackathon 2018: SPACE

The CSS Boeing Hackathon is back! MVB, 11am Wednesday 28th Feb - 1pm Thursday 1st March


// SIGNUP //

  • Link here. Teams of up to 6 people
  • Not got anyone to work with or a full team? No worries. Just indicate that you’d like to be matched with others and we’ll sort out the rest.

// PRIZES //

  • 6x Sphero Mini!
  • 6x Google Home Mini!
  • 6x LIFX Smart Lights!


  • If you have any dietary requirements, state them on the signup form or email [email protected]

// RULES //

// THEME //

  • Our theme this year is SPACE! 🌌🚀

The prizes will be awarded in three categories:

  1. Space data
    • Find a cool way to use satellite imagery or other data collected in space.
  2. Software/hardware for space
    • Build something that we could send into space!
  3. Explore space
    • Help non-scientists to explore and learn about space.

Here are some example projects to get your brains whirring:

– NEO Mapper

Identifying natural boundaries (rivers) from 3D asteroid surface data https://github.com/abbro-ca/VestaRainbow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE0qdKAN31A&t=55m

– Kid On The Moon

Interactive app for children to explore the moon and man’s journeys to it https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/solar-system/book-it-to-the-moon/projects/kid-on-the-moon

– NatEv Explorer

Display crowdsourced natural events on a 3D globe https://open.nasa.gov/innovation-space/natev-explorer/

– FractalNet

P2P wearables for communication in space https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/space-station/rock-it-space-fashion-and-design/projects/fractalnet

– Pollen Alert

Use open data and satellite imagery to predict pollen count https://2017.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/our-ecological-neighborhood/trace-invaders/teams/lemon-py-1/project

– Heliox

Use energy and solar radiation data to predict energy production https://2017.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/earth-and-us/you-are-my-sunshine/teams/heliox/project

Maybe you’ll write a piece of software that will improve shipping efficiency. How about a system for monitoring air pollution? Or something that will enable autonomous vehicles? Perhaps you’ll even write a cool visualisation that uses NASA’s Open Data platform (https://opensource.gsfc.nasa.gov/ ).

If you want to make use of satellite data, we’ll be releasing some guides to help you soon.


  • Join the Discord server here for updates on the day!
  • More to come

// GOOD LUCK! //

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