Talk: Declarative Software Design in Python by Bloomberg

16th October 1.00-1:50pm Queens Building, 1.15

Elmer Landaverde from Bloomberg, one of our sponsors, is coming down to give a talk!

Free food as always, see the poll in the Facebook Event discussion for any specific dietary requirements.

FULL TALK DESCRIPTION: Our team deals with very complex business rules. We need to create services that can continue to take on more business complexity while keeping the code maintainable.

This has driven us to design software that is declarative in nature instead of imperative (along the lines of how ReactJS treats UI state). The advantage is that we get to isolate business logic to a stateless configuration file thus separating business logic from infrastructure logic.

Our talk will focus on this design and when may want to choose this approach.

Speaker: Elmer Landaverde - Team Leader in our Engineering Core Workflow Team.

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