Technological Revolution: Implications for Democracy | The Digital Dilemma

Join us on Wednesday 14 March for the #DigitalDilemma event #2! An academic panel including speakers from SPAIS (Sociology, Politics and Int’l Studies), Law, and Computer Science Schools will be discussing how technology is shaping our societies, both positively and negatively – including through the digitisation of elections, predictive analysis & use of data by law enforcement, creation of “cyberweapons”, and many more. Is technology a curse or a blessing for democratic (and not-so) societies? What safety measures – political, legal and technical – do we need in place to ensure the setbacks of such a fast-pace development are minimised? These and other questions will be posed to our speakers: • Dr Miranda Mowbray (CSS); • Ms Clare Stevens (SPAIS); • Mr Kit Fotheringham (Law); • Dr David Bernhard (CSS). See you there – we’re anticipating a very diverse range of perspectives covered!

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17:15 - 19:15

1.15 Queens Building


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