VOTING LINKS (use Bristol email):

  • Motion 1:
  • Motion 2:
  • First Year Rep:
  • Press Officer:

These will individually close after their round for voting finishes at the EGM.



We’re holding an EGM to vote on the first-year rep elections and potentially elect a new press-officer.

Submitted motions will be discussed and voted on; the first-year rep role voted on (nominations were open previously in the year); and a vote of no confidence will be raised for the press officer role. If the no confidence vote passes, the submitted nominations will be voted on. If not, the submitted nominations will be discarded.

You’ll have a chance to speak for 60s per nomination during the EGM.

All forms will close 24h before the EGM (15/11/18 17:00:00). If you can’t come then an online voting form will be available 24 hours before the event (link coming soon).

As always, free food will be provided.

Have questions about what it’s like to be a CSS committee member? Ask any of us!

Want to make a change to how the society runs? Put forward a motion to change our constitution ( Constitutional changes must receive a two-thirds majority. Non-constitutional motions must receive a majority.

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