Game Jam | Explore Week

Our 24h in-house Gamejam is here.



It’s a secret!

Rules (tl;dr-edition):

  • Teams of up to 6 people -> Teams made of 50% or more committee cannot win
  • Use whatever engine you like -> Judging will take the complexity into account, however


  • I don’t have a team!
    • That’s OK! We’ll team you up with some other people :)
  • I don’t feel skilled enough to participate!
    • You probably are! A lot of time spent in hackathons is spent on learning - first years have won in the past
  • I don’t have a good game idea!
    • Have a look at some other games for inspiration; copy an existing game; or use this idea generator:
  • Will there be free pizza?
    • You know it.

Make sure to go to the Games Industry Panel event too (1 hour before the start)!

The Details

19/11/18 - 20/11/18

10:00 - 14:00



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