BPuzzled - Bloomberg Logic Puzzle

Bloomberg invites you to compete in our brand new puzzle competition - BPUZZLED!

Created by Bloomberg Engineers, BPUZZLED is a competition where teams of up to four use creativity and teamwork to solve logic puzzles themed to cities around the world. The winning team will be flown to London to compete in the global finals. Come along to participate in some friendly competition and race to the finish!

Participants will only need a laptop and a competitive spirit to take part. Remember to sign up here:


We look forward to seeing you there!

The theme of the puzzle hunt is Race to New York/London, where the puzzlers will start with 3 unlocked puzzles to solve.

Each solved puzzle will unlock a new one. There is a total number of 8 puzzles and one meta puzzle which uses the answers from the other 8 puzzles. The first team to solve the meta puzzle is the winning team.

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