CSS Gamejam 2020

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Ever wanted to make a video game? Well, don’t wait until after graduation! Join us on Saturday 14th November for a 24-hour Game Jam, and make the best (or worst) game you can! It’s a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills, so don’t be shy! Plus, there will be prizes involved! 🎮👾💖

300 person limit - first come first served


  • Maximum team size: 6
  • Being respectful to other teams
  • No offensive imagery in games
  • Use of third-party assets is allowed, but must be declared and will not be taken into account in judging
  • Follow the theme
  • Completed in 24h
  • Team can’t be more than 34% committee to be eligible for prize

Theme: To be revealed on the day…

We will be setting up a Facebook group for the Gamejam in the coming days for further communication on the event and to help people find a group! Once done we will release the sign-up forms for solo’s and groups. Don’t worry if you’re alone though - we’ll find a team for you on the day (or if you wanna go solo that’s fine too I guess).

The games

This year’s theme was ‘keep moving forward’

We saw a great selections of games and congratulations to our winners!!


The Details

14/11/20 - 15/11/20

12:00 - 12:00



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