Vote: 2021 Best Lecturer

Congrats on making it through the first week back after Easter! Hope you haven’t forgotten to give your favourite lecturer a vote in the middle of that coursework and exam revision frenzy!

If you have forgotten, no worries! There’s still time to vote!

Quick reminder on the categories:

  • Oscar for Best Online Teaching
  • Funniest Lecturer
  • Most Creative Lecturer
  • Most Enthusiastic
  • Innovative Teaching
  • Funniest Teams Background

Voting Information: There are two voting forms:

  • Best year lecturer (separate categories for each year)
  • Other categories You will only be able to make 1 submission per voting form.

You don’t have to vote in every single category, but you won’t get another form submission if you change your mind later!

Voting ends on the 30th April, 23:45.

And remember, you can also optionally submit a video link or screenshot of that lecturer which may or may not be included in our super secret project for you guys 👀

Award Ceremony:

The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday 5th May 14:30-15:00.

A separate event will be made for with the join info!

Event attendees will be entered into a random raffle to win a £10 Just Eat voucher as well!

Links: Oscar voting: link

Other categories voting: link

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13:00 - 14:00



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