C++ Software Engineer

Arista Networks Limited

4th Floor, 2 Georges Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1

Dublin, Ireland
Software Development
EUR 42-45K


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Arista opened the Dublin R&D office in the IFSC in 2015, and has ambitious plans to continue growing the Dublin team across all areas of Software Engineering.

Some interesting projects that we’re currently working on in Dublin include:

  • Writing Linux user space and kernel code to allow 32-bit drivers to DMA 64-bit virtual memory spaces using both Intel and AMD IOMMU controller.
  • Accessing ASIC registers over SPI bus, SMbus, PCIe and I2C, to implement high resolution timers (sub-100ns accuracy) and read ASIC hardware specifications to gather near-real-time information on large numbers of packet flows and to generate network congestion statistics.
  • Development of configuration management services using Go and Python to support YANG, OpenConfig, NETCONF and RESTCONF over gRPC, ssh and ssl for standardised switch configuration, combined with tools such as git, gerrit, Jenkins, Slack and Trello.
  • Creating a streaming telemetry service for networking devices that will send real-time state updates from the switch to cloud-based data ingestion infrastructure. We work in Go creating gRPC and REST based services. We use modern development tools such as git, gerrit, Jenkins, Trello and we deploy our backend in a cluster using Kubernetes and docker containers.
  • Development of routing protocol agents (for BGP, OSPF, ISIS) in C/C++ within a Fedora Linux embedded environment. Coding of fault-tolerant, concurrent agents capable of handling the demands of future data centres where high performance and high availability are basic requirements. Fully automated, developer owned, Python based, continuous test harness with 100s of devices under test at any one moment.


  • driving the design
  • writing the code (of course)
  • pushing, testing, documenting the feature
  • working alongside customers in the field if needed along the way, you might
  • extend and improve the test infrastructure
  • enhance our engineering tools, including Fedora, p4, git, django, python, rpm, ...
  • work with sales and business development
  • and perhaps even help improve the content on our website :)

Educational requirements

  • BSc/BEng. Computer Science/Software Engineering/Engineering

Experience requirements

  • We're looking for skilled programmers. Regardless of your level of experience if you enjoy coding with C/C++/Java/Python or Go we're interested in hearing from you.

Desired Skills

  • Coding, coding and more coding using C/C++/Python or Go

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