Computer Science Year Group Teacher

University of Bristol

Beacon House, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QU, UK.

Full Time
GBP 33797 per Year


We are looking for four enthusiastic and hard-working individuals to support the delivery of Computer Science in the blended learning environment.

The new role of Year Group Teacher will work closely with the Head of Year of Year 1 (Tilo Burghardt) or Year 2 (Steven Ramsay) of the Computer Science undergraduate degrees, or the Programme Director of the Computer Science (Conversion) MSc (Andrew Calway). Supporting the relevant Head of Year, the Year Group Teachers will coordinate a team of Programme Teaching Assistants, who will provide weekly tutorials to groups of students, to help embed the learning of the course. It will also involve leading tutorials yourself, and supporting students’ learning, as well as working to support teaching on unit(s) in the relevant year, or subject to experience, leading teaching on a unit. The roles will be predominantly online initially, but we expect there will be opportunities for on-campus teaching, especially if the COVID situation changes. The roles are new, and are likely to evolve over the course of the year, so it is important you are flexible and adaptable, and that you would relish the opportunity to shape your own work. You will have the opportunity to develop both teaching and community-building activities, and any experience in these will be a benefit. Subject to experience, there may be opportunities to take on more teaching responsibilities, at the higher grade post, and we especially welcome applicants from people experienced in the subjects taught in our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

Ideally you will be a recent graduate of a Computer Science undergraduate or postgraduate programme (or an equivalent programme) and having experience of demonstrating or teaching Computer Science subjects would be beneficial, though not essential. We welcome applications from all members of our community and are particularly encouraging those from diverse groups, such as members of the LGBT+ and BAME communities, to join us.

Job Description

  • To contribute to the delivery of the Department’s teaching programme by providing straightforward teaching in small groups for a year cohort, for which the Head of Year carries overall responsibility. In this context, straightforward teaching means that which deals with the core knowledge base of the Computer Science discipline and can be delivered without detailed current research and/or professional knowledge of the topic – however, depending on experience, this could include taking responsibility for revising, planning and organising a unit within an established degree programme.
  • With the support of the Head of Year, help administer and support a team of Programme-level Teaching Assistants (TAs). (The level of independent working will be subject to experience)


  • To provide straightforward lectures, academic tutorial and lab teaching in small groups of students within a unit for which a member of the academic staff carries overall responsibility.
  • To discuss, with the Head of Year, the broad content of the tutorials to be undertaken and the methodologies for/purposes of that teaching. Subject to experience, this role may also be undertaken for units, and for more experienced staff, may involve more independent working)
  • To discuss, with the Head of Year your ideas for improving delivery and engagement with students, and possibly to implement these ideas.
  • To prepare for the teaching sequence by familiarising themselves with the material to be taught in the year and units and undertaking any necessary scholarship to be ready to lead the sessions they will provide.
  • To prepare for each teaching session by selecting and preparing the content, deciding upon any exercises/materials to be used and planning their approach to the session.
  • To ensure that content, methods of delivery and learning materials will meet the defined learning objectives for their sessions.
  • To help students absorb knowledge imparted in the tutorials and the units, build upon it and help them to overcome any problems they encounter in understanding and applying knowledge.
  • To promote depth of learning by providing clarification of material taught, responding to student questions, facilitating discussion in classes and providing any supplementary explanation/material required.
  • To provide individual academic advice/support to students, including advice on appropriate reading.
  • Where students require more in-depth academic support or pastoral care, to refer them on to an appropriate person.
  • To provide formative feedback to students in class.
  • Where required, to set assessment tasks, mark formally assessed work (subject to moderation by the academic responsible for the unit) and act as principal marker for any assessment tasks they have set. Subject to experience, this may include taking responsibility for the assessment of a student’s learning from the unit
  • To undertake organisational and administrative tasks directly related to their own teaching.
  • To undertake organisational and administrative tasks related to coordinating and supporting other TAs. Subject to experience, to provide support, as required, to the other TAs
  • To review the outcome of their own teaching and contribute feedback to the review and forward planning of relevant teaching activity.
  • To maintain academic standards and work in accordance with university policies (e.g. regarding equality of opportunity, health and safety).
  • To develop, prepare and run community-building activities, with the support of the Head of Year, and in conjunction with other School activities, as relevant.

Line managed by

  • The relevant Head of Year and/or Programme Director

Line manager to

  • Not applicable, but subject to experience, may provide advice and support to other people contributing to the unit)

Relationships and contacts

  • They will be line managed, advised and (as required) mentored by the Head of Year.
  • Contact with other academic staff involved in units being taught to the year group.
  • Contact with students, involving delivering tutorials, labs and/or the leadership of learning activities, passing on knowledge, providing advice/support and requiring the ability to engage with and enthuse students.
  • Contact with other teaching assistants, passing on knowledge, providing advice/support and, with the support of the Head of Year, coordinating their work.
  • Contact with other members of staff as required.

Qualifications, skills and experience

  • A degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science (BSc or equivalent). For the higher grade post a relevant subject and (usually) a postgraduate degree (including MEng) and/or equivalent professional qualification and experience.
  • Sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of Computer Science to work independently within an established unit (with some advice and, where necessary, mentoring).
  • Familiarity with the part of the curriculum to be taught and the scholarship associated with it.
  • Some knowledge of teaching methods and techniques and experience of delivering teaching and/or training.
  • The ability to communicate knowledge clearly, both orally and in writing.
  • The ability to stimulate and encourage the commitment to learn in others and to promote depth of learning.
  • Ability to work with a range of colleagues and students.
  • Ability to organise own time effectively, so as to meet deadlines and manage competing priorities.
  • Good analytical skills and the ability to respond to problems which arise in learning situations.

To apply:

Please send a short covering letter with brief details of your background and why you’d be interested in the role, to [email protected] and copy in [email protected] . This should be no more than 1 page of A4, and it would be useful to include any teaching assistant roles you’ve undertaken, your areas of interest, computer science background (ie your degree, or if not in CS, other experience) and your final degree marks, if applicable. References and a CV will be required if we invite you to interview.

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