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Internship (sumer)
GBP 3500 per Month
June 2020


GitHub UK Internships 2020

GitHub is the home for software development, where developers collaborate to build some of the world’s most important software. We are now recruiting for our Summer Internship program, the first one to be held in our new office in Oxford, UK. We love watching talented people learn and explore their skills. Our internships are designed to give you unique work experience by pairing you with real GitHubbers on real projects. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a highly skilled, distributed team of Hubbers and be involved in the development of core products that will be offered on the main GitHub platform. This year, we are looking for interns interested in working on one of the four following areas:

Software Engineering for CodeQL (Compilers & Program Analysis)

Your main responsibility will be to work on one of GitHub’s latest technologies, CodeQL, our semantic code analysis engine that lets you query code as though it were data. CodeQL combines the latest research in compiler optimization with insights in database implementation. It understands the complex data structures inherent in code, and makes analysis available to researchers using a declarative, object-oriented query language. You can write a query to find all variants of a vulnerability, eradicating it forever. Then share your query to help others do the same. Qualifications/Experience required for the CodeQL team: Experience in at least one of the following programming languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Prolog, Assembly, Python, Datalog, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, Dart, Rust. An interest in one of the following areas: Program analysis / static analysis Compilers and compiler construction Formal verification techniques, Abstract Interpretation, Partial Evaluation Database theory

Software Engineering for Code Scanning

Your main responsibility will be to work on one of GitHub’s newest security-related features: Code Scanning, which analyzes code in depth to find security flaws and other bugs that testing and day-to-day use have missed. The Code Scanning team at GitHub builds the infrastructure to run analysis tools like GitHub CodeQL at scale, and display the results seamlessly in the regular workflows of developers and security teams.

Qualifications/Experience required for the Code Scanning team: Knowledge of how to build web applications Interests in scalability, cloud computing, APIs, distributed systems Experience developing applications in either Go, Ruby, JavaScript or TypeScript

Machine Learning

The Machine Learning team at GitHub in Oxford contributes to both the theory and application of machine learning to software engineering data. We apply state-of-the-art developments in machine learning to build new features for some of our core products and features (such as Code Scanning and CodeQL). Examples include boosting the power of static code analysis by combining declarative logic and deep neural networks, and measuring and modeling the software development process. When off-the-shelf algorithms apply we use them, but if needed, we are willing and capable of devising entirely new techniques! Qualifications/Experience required for the ML Team: Experience of machine learning algorithms and data science techniques Experience writing high quality code Strong preference for MSc and PhD students

Software Engineering for Dotcom DevOps

The Dotcom Devops team is responsible for ensuring that the code that runs core GitHub is healthy though a variety of activities. We surface ownership and coverage information, develop processes and tooling to help engineers at GitHub, and collaborate with teams in Infrastructure and SRE. In this role you will be working within this team and will have a chance to learn about developing and deploying a monolithic codebase at scale. There will be an opportunity to work on tooling and other projects with the team. Qualifications/Experience required for the Dotcom team: Experience of building applications in Ruby Some knowledge of DevOps / Cloud computing or an interest in this area

Requirements & Details for GitHub Summer Interns:

You will be based at our Oxford Office. Our internships are paid and we provide an accommodation allowance. Your internship will be 12 weeks between June 29th, 2020 and September 25th, 2020. You must be a student currently enrolled in university to be eligible. You must be eligible to legally work in the UK.

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To apply:

Email: [email protected]

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