Hello! We are the University of Bristol Computer Science Society.

Congratulations on getting into a great university and department (which just happens to be full of great people!)

You’ll be pretty busy over the next few weeks, so we’ve collected together some information which you might find useful.

Freshers’ Week 2018

We’ve got a number of exciting events lined up for Freshers’ Week (also known as Welcome Week). You can find details about them here, as well as on the Facebook groups:

Join us at at the White Harte for drinks, board games, and a good opportunity to meet people on your course. 🍻


All new first-year CS students are invited to come along and meet their Computer Science parents. It'll be informal with free food 🥪 and board games 🎲 so please come! New post-grads are also welcome to come along and socialise in MVB 1.11


Staying in the loop

For fresher specific updates, and for an environment where you can ask questions amongst other first years, check out the Facebook group for freshers

Bristol is an exciting place to be and you’re going to want to hear about the cool stuff going on. Join the main group and follow us on twitter via the links below and you’ll never miss free pizza again!

Stay in the loop

Useful Information

There’s lots of useful information available in our Freshers’ Booklet. You should be receiving a hard copy soon, but here it is if you haven’t already.

The society is run each year by an selected committee. Come say hi! We don’t bite.

Looking for course materials? Almost everything lives here, on the University of Bristol CS website. You’ll have to wait until you arrive to be able to log in.

We’ll also be adding more tutorials in the coming months. Meanwhile, if you’re back here trying to work out how on earth to connect to Snowy: here you go.

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