Next generation web apps with Machine Learning using TensorFlow.js

Finish the year with a talk from Google and learn all about Machine Learning on the web with TensorFlow.js! Join Jason Mayes, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google, as he walks you through what machine learning is, along with how you can use it to level up web apps for your next creative idea (or even startup), to get super powers by today’s standards.

Jason will demonstrate through live demos and just a few lines of code how you can within minutes, recognize objects, predict the pose of your body, sound recognition and much more. This fast paced talk is aimed at everyone - no background in machine learning is assumed, just familiarity with web technologies like JavaScript is preferred to get the most out of the example code which may even give you ideas for your final year thesis or future research. Everyone will be able to appreciate the concepts and demos regardless of your background so do come join this very special one off talk if you have a curiosity about machine learning - which has the potential to influence every industry out there. There will also be Q&A time at the end in case you have any questions about life at Google, (Jason has worked there for 11 years now), or anything you saw in the talk.”

About The Speaker

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Jason Mayes (MEng, CIPT, MBCS)

Senior Developer Relations Engineer for TensorFlow.js, Google.

Jason is the public face of TensorFlow.js, helping web engineers globally take their first steps with machine learning in JavaScript. He also combines his knowledge of the technical and creative worlds to develop innovative prototypes for Google’s largest customers and internal teams with over 15 years experience working within web engineering and investigating emerging technologies.

He holds an MEng in Computer Science, is a member of the British Computing Society, and is a certified information privacy technologist. Jason loves sharing knowledge online which has attracted a global following.

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16:00 - 18:00

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building

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