Find a study space

The university has a couple of pages for finding study spaces. Here’s the main one.

New: find a free desk

Library staff count the number of people in each library hourly. In the exam periods this year, the university is trialling ‘Find a study desk’, which is based on this data.

Hot tip: there’s a JSON API! Here’s the building information, and here are the study space stats.

There’s also a page for finding a free computer.

Where else can I work?

Some places that aren’t officially documented. Found an obscure place to work? Open an issue and we’ll add it to this page

Study areas

If you’ve done or are doing Software Product Engineering, you should have access to the Student Project Lab (‘backlab’), MVB 2.09 (just beyond 2.11). If you need a second monitor, this is the place to go. Third years and above should also have access to the Device Lab, MVB 2.10 (with the curved glass wall).

There is also a ‘quiet pod’ for one or two people on level 2 of the MVB atrium.

In Queen’s, there are a few non-library areas with seating:

  • off the left of the main atrium, at the front of the building. This area also has bookable group study rooms.
  • the atrium of the new wing, at the back of the building
  • the east wing of the building on the first floor

Workshop spaces

MVB Hack Space

The Hack Space in MVB can be used by all students who have done a short induction. Sign up for a Hack Space induction. The equipment available includes a laser cutter, 3D printer, soldering irons and a 3D carving machine. A component vending machine is being installed outside the Hack Space.

Student Workshop

The student workshop has equipment including a laser cutter; 3D printers; a lathe and one of these. You’ll need to be trained on some of the equipment first but if you’re planning to take part in BEEES Robot Wars you’re probably going to spend a lot of time in here.


The Bristol Interaction and Graphics group has a lab on level 2 of the MVB Atrium. If you’re taking Interactive Devices, you can use this lab to work on your device.

Humanities - Woodland Road

There are a few common rooms accessible to everyone between 3 and 19 Woodland Road. These houses are joined by a corridor at the back, so you can enter at one end and walk along the whole thing.


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