This year, we will be repeating the App-a-thon! It will be similar to last years event, a weekend competition where we open the MVB to groups to make an app of their choice. Everyone had a great time last year and we’ve moved it forward slightly, so it won’t clash with as much coursework. We will have talks from our sponsors Mubaloo about both the technical and design aspects of making an App. Don’t let never having made an app stop you taking part, you’ll learn the most from it. There will be a page with all the details on the CSS website soon, but here is the basics.

For the five weeks building up to the App-a-thon, Mubaloo will hold talks in the MVB at Friday lunch times. The plan for these is:

  • 29th Jan – Planning and Project management [Planning App] [Marketing]
  • 5th Feb – Architecture of an app
  • 12th Feb – Android
  • 19nd Feb – HTML
  • 26th Feb – Testing and question time!

Make sure you come to as many of these can you can. There will be some reasonably high-up people from Mubaloo running these, so it is a great time to ask them questions. I will also give updates about the event at these.

The Weekend
The actual competition will be on Saturday the 2nd of March at 9am to Sunday the 3rd of March at 11am. We are planning to provide some food (not quite sure how much), so if you have an dietary needs, get in contact! You’ll be able to leave the MVB at any point, you can sleep in there if you want, just make sure you do the actual work in the MVB.

The apps will be judged on a 5 minute presentation to a panel and a Q&A. You will get a few hours to make your presentation after the 26 hours has finished. We will give you more details before the time about what they will actually be judging you on.