Using Sublime Text 2 in Linux labs

Sublime Text 2 is a text editor that I know quite a lot of people use. If you don’t know what it is, here is the website There is a trial copy (fully featured) installed in the CSS folder for everyone … Continued

University Systems

This section is designed to cover the wider University systems (i.e. not just the ones in the Merchant Venturers Building). Eduroam Eduroam is the university’s wireless internet service. Eduroam should work across all UK universities and allows easy and fast … Continued


The majority of computers used in the computer science department run on a kernel called Linux. Unlike traditional operating systems such as Windows, Linux is built on a Unix core. Why should this matter to me? Being a CS student and not knowing Unix would be like a doctor not knowing anything about the heart. It may not be your specialty, but it is still important.

Working from home

The University and in particular the Computer Science department go to great lengths to ensure the accessibility of university resources from remote sites. The computing systems used in MVB and across the university precinct are designed to allow you as students to access and work from these systems remotely.