Do you think you are a Good Engineer ?

Well here’s the challenge: Team up with students from other engineering departments and Engineer something cool in 24 hours using MBED project boards (!
Robots, Cars, Hovercrafts, aeroplane models, Anything you like! All that on the 8-9th of December in Merchant Venturers Building.

MBED Project boards will be provided during sign-ups. You are also allowed to bring any additional resources (motors, wires, vision devices, etc). However, you must get them pre-approved.

Sign-Ups during lunch (1-2pm) this week at MVB (at the entrance desk).

Come and get your free MBED boards to play around with!

Teams must have at least 3 members on it and a maximum of 5. Try to team up with engineering students from different departments to ensure a variety of skills on the team. Winners will be given exciting prizes: iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s!

Good luck!