CSS BBQ 2013

CSS End-Of-Term Social: BBQ and Bar Crawl

Exams will be over. Courseworks demolished. So unchain yourselves from your desks and be free! There will be an epic celebration in three parts:

  • 5 til 8
    BBQ in Royal Fort Gardens Berekley Square
    A paddling pool full of beers, mountain of BBQed meats and the much loved Sumo Suits – The perfect building blocks for the CSS post-exam partying extravaganza.
    There will be music, games, old committee vs new committee challenges, Pimms, Vodka Jelly and much more!
    Also, as requested, there will be The CSS Awards!

    Use the link to nominate someone

    And don’t panic Veggies, there will be some non-meaty alternatives 🙂

  • 8 til 11
    Bar Crawl!
    The general plan is the classic route involving…
    White Hart (8-9)
    Wetherspoons (9-10)
    MBargos (10-11)
  • 11 onwards
    A showcase of the finest dance moves in the land, in a club (PamPams)

Tickets for the BBQ and Bar Crawl cost £1
Tickets including club entry are looking to cost around £4
More information about how and when to buy tickets will be made available soon.

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