Please read profiles of candidates applying for Outreach position at Computer Science Society and leave your vote in the poll underneath the descriptions. If you do not want to vote for any of the candidates you may want to choose RON – re-open nominations.

  1. Adnan Abdulhussein

    I would like to put myself forward for the Outreach position. I would very much like to get involved with the CSS committee, and the outreach scheme itself is something I found interesting when Caroline mentioned it in the welcome meeting. Going to schools and talking about how awesome CS (and Electronics) is just sounds like my sort of thing ;). Being in charge of it would be even more awesome! I’d say I’m pretty good at organising things, and I work great in a team.

  2. Graham Laming

    Hi, I’m Graham and I’m a second year CS student. I’m running for the Outreach position because at High School and College, I (and my classmates) were given a very negative impression of CS; so bad that it put many people off taking CS at Uni. I want to put right the bad impressions that many teachers give CS and show young people what CS is really about. Having previously been the Chairperson of the Student Council and previously worked with young people through Scouting, I believe I’m qualified for the Outreach position.

  3. Hannah Oliver

    Hi, I’m Hannah and I am a 2nd year CS student. If I were to be the Outreach Officer for CSS I would want to make sure that as many schools as possible know the benefits of having a computer science degree and what they would experience from studying at Bristol. This would mean a higher quality and wider range of students (you never know I might even be able to get more girls to come join the abundance of guys we have!). I work very closely with the Widening Participation department at Bristol and I am currently mentoring and tutoring at under privileged schools in the local area, raising young people’s aspirations and attainment while showing them that a university degree is possible whatever your background may be. Widening the participation in Computer Science is something very important to me, I want to be able to say I have been a part of bringing students in to CS who never thought they would be here sitting with us hugging Ted Bear while trying to debug some hideous code.

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