We now open voting for the following two positions: treasurer and secretary.

Please read profiles of candidates below and give your vote for both position. Alternatively, if you don’t like any of candidates you can choose RON – Re-Open Nominations.


I am a 3rd year CS student and have been on the CSS committee for the past year running the sports, but I also helped out with most areas of the society.

In September, I went to London with Rob (Vice President) to pitch for sponsorship from Bloomberg and have been involved in discussions with and about potential sponsors since then. I would like to become treasurer to use my experience and knowledge of the society to help attract more sponsorship and spend the money we already have most effectively.

Alistair Lockyer

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m a third year on the G403 masters course. My aim as Treasurer for the CSS would be to ensure that the society is as efficient as possible with their spending, aiming to reduce waste and maximising the amount we can get out of our budget. This would mean better deals on nights out, or more pizza and energy drink at the Appathon to keep you going through the night. As a financially independent student with strong maths and budgeting skills, I feel I am well qualified to be Treasurer. My team work and organisational skills are good, having completed Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and I currently hold an internship position of responsibility as a student software engineer. I have applied to be Treasurer because I want to be more involved with the CSS, contribute more to events and get more involved with you, the students. Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, also where do bees keep their money? In a honey box!

Daniel Bergmann

2. Secretary

Would love to nominate myself for post of Secretary. Having been in the student council most years during school, I genuinely enjoy the sense of responsibility and having a say in matters. I think I’d be good at it because I can carry out responsibilities well and enjoy what most people would call “effort.” That said, I just like having a say and I like to represent myself and others (and the committee needs more girls!).

Now that sounds formal so I’m going to end with a smiley 🙂

Aankhi Mukherjee

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